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A valuation on steroids that is designed with the seller's and buyer's due-diligence information necessary to successfully buy or sell any professional practice!

The valuation of a professional practice is a complex process. A detailed financial analysis of the practice is required by a professional with an understanding of the principles of business valuation and their practical application to the practice being evaluated. One of the most important functions of  a business valuation is to give proper consideration to the "brand" or intangibles of good will, customer lists, licenses, etc. that you have built over the years in determining the total value of the practice. A professional practice comes with many personal "perks". If they are not properly accounted for, will misstate your true income stream and under value your practice. We have the knowledge and experience needed to provide you with an accurate evaluation. A valuation by an independent professional business appraiser will be recognized as being both unbiased and accurate.

As practices grow and secure more and more market share they begin to realize just how difficult it becomes to continue to grow at the rate that their practice goals might require. The sales and marketing techniques used to increase market share in the past have suddenly become much more costly to implement in relation to the percentages of market share that is gained through these techniques. The market has become more saturated with competitors and it continues to become more difficult to grow at rates that are desired. Suddenly, acquisitions, spin-offs, roll-ups and/or mergers begin to make sense. Whatever your choice, we can help determine what is best for your company by providing you with the necessary practice valuation information and advice to reach an informed decision.

A buyer wants to know 1) that he/she will be paid appropriately and 2) also receive an appropriate return on investment and 3) that the practice will pay the debt from the sale. Since banks are asset lenders and typically lend on the basis of a percentage of the fair market value of the assets, if the practice is worth more than that, it also has an intangible value built from the brand created by the owner. This along with the fact that the buyer may not have a down payment large enough to cover the difference, to get the full fair market value of their practice, the owner will probably be required to hold part of the debt. This is why it is critical that debt be considered as part of the valuation process. These three criteria along with the seller's desire to know the post sale proceeds are the key issues determined in future due-diligence reviews by the buyer and seller. Having this information upfront saves professional fees, time and deals. START SAVING FEES, TIME AND MONEY NOW!